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Charter school bus rentals are an affordable way to provide transportation. Our charter buses provide transportation to charter, parochial, private and public schools, for student extracurricular activities and non-school activities, seniors, scouts, churches, camps and day care centers and can also meet personal or company needs, whether it’s transporting a group of employees to a corporate retreat, friends to the big game, or guests to your wedding. We take pride in helping out the community with our friendly bus drivers and reliable modes of transportation. We ensure you that our buses are always in top condition - getting you, your children and your loved ones to your desired destinations.

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Contracted Services

Your students, their safety, and the community are always our #1 priority. Starfish Transportation is equipped to handle your routes both safely and efficiently on any given day, week, or year. Using software from partnerships we have built, along with the latest technology, allows us to provide you with the most reliable and cost-efficient routing there is. Our approach to each region is completely customary and designed to meet the unique needs of each district we serve. We provide you with the full package. We take care of everything from owning and maintaining the bus fleet to managing personnel and insurance for each vehicle.

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Starfish Transportation provides transportation to private schools, open enrollment schools, and others that would like us to work directly with the parents in your area. We build the routes, manage student registrations, and provide a safe alternative to carpools and congested school parking lots. Our program gives schools and parents an affordable option to safe, reliable, efficient, professional transportation for their children. We understand that you expect that the bus will arrive on time and with Starfish Transportation, you can rest assured that our buses will bring your children to school in a safe and timely manner. We also use the latest Ridership Reporting System which allows authorized parent/guardians access to track their bus and receive notification upon the successful pick-up and drop-off of your children. Our buses are continually maintained and serviced, assuring you a safe ride. Count on us!

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For the Community

Starfish Transportations knows that there is much more to being a first class transportation provider than promising safe, quality service. Our employees not only transport, but also support our local operating communities. We are committed to supporting the communities we serve. Collectively and individually we donate, volunteer, support and care for the local schools and organizations that serve your students and their families. Together with our employees, student riders, parents, school partners and communities, we keep communities prospering. 
A wide range of charitable giving takes place at Starfish Transportation. Our charitable giving includes but is not limited to monetary contributions as well as in-kind donations in the provision of buses and drivers for charitable events and educational programs. We demonstrate support for the communities we serve by donating our equipment and service to school districts, police departments, state agencies, and local hospitals and charities.

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