Contracted Services

Partnering with Starfish Transportation for your student transportation allows you to improve performance while focusing on what matters most - providing quality educational programs to your students. 
As school districts face increased funding pressures and consider private/public partnerships, Starfish Transportation offers advantages without compromising safety, quality or reliability. Partnering with transportation experts benefits school districts by reducing their investment in capital-intensive vehicle purchases and maintenance, time-consuming labor issues, and the need for more efficient maintenance and routing programs.

From full turnkey contract operations to stepped levels of service, we put our experience to work, designing a custom transportation package specific to your community’s unique needs and goals. You remain in control while cutting costs and gain a partner focused on delivering the results you need.
We take pride in hiring and empowering local people who have as much passion as you do about getting your students to school safely and on time. With operations facilities located on or near your school district properties, you have complete access to your local operations team. 
Keeping your students safe is our number one priority. That’s why we’re constantly researching and utilizing innovations and technologies that improve driver and operating performance.  
We can purchase your existing fleet and facilities for cash to deploy Starfish Transportation's well maintained fleet, or purchase new vehicles to meet your needs.
We can lease your existing fleet of school buses and purchase replacement buses to eliminate capital outlay.
We can keep buses at either your location or at our facility.

We will retain your drivers and, if needed, recruit and train new personnel.
Our team will ensure a smooth transition out of existing self-operated or contractor-operated systems that aren't meeting your expectations.
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